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    July 8, 2016 by Bucevicius

    The following is my son's attempt at writing a Creepypasta story. Be nice everyone...I know he has much learning. 



    It was the beginning of summer I wanted to stay in all day but my mom made me go on boring camps my mom said that my friends were their to but I still did not what to go so the bus that brought us to camp I was getting all my stuff into the drawers to kill time while my friends arrived. It was night and we were at the camp fire where we sang some songs the tall camp manger stud up he was taller then a bunkbed he freaked me out. Rule number 7 do not go outside camp me and my friends decided to go the night we snuck outside camp and got lost in the woods we saw a man In a suit he was tall we asked for directions. He j…

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