The following is my son's attempt at writing a Creepypasta story. Be nice everyone...I know he has much learning. 



It was the beginning of summer I wanted to stay in all day but my mom made me go on boring camps my mom said that my friends were their to but I still did not what to go so the bus that brought us to camp I was getting all my stuff into the drawers to kill time while my friends arrived. It was night and we were at the camp fire where we sang some songs the tall camp manger stud up he was taller then a bunkbed he freaked me out. Rule number 7 do not go outside camp me and my friends decided to go the night we snuck outside camp and got lost in the woods we saw a man In a suit he was tall we asked for directions. He just stood there. We saw an outdoor bathroom and Thomas went inside and said he saw a note, then he let out a loud scream. As we went into the bathroom to look for him, he was nowhere to be found. My friend had to go for a pee break and I look around and saw that man again. I asked for help and he just stood there. It 15 minutes to realize my friend was still on the pee break. I looked around and saw that he was impaled on a tree. I let out a loud scream and ran back to the camp. After running for what seemed an eternity I finally saw the camp lights. I started screaming for help and then I got cut by a tree branch. And then I saw that man standing over me. He was Iin a suit and looked like he had tentacles. He had no mouth, no eyes, no ears and no nose. He face was white and I heard was static. I became paranoid as he bent over me then it was daylight and he vanished. I went over the story and went to court because they thought I was crazy. Some officers spend the night and put up cameras. Its been 20 years since the park been shut down. The little kids call me crazy and thought I made up the story but still know he's out there. I can't sleep at night. I still see his creepy face when I close my eyes at night.  


by Santiago