As the various minor updates (such as the hearts replacing stars for the ratings icon) appear to go out unannounced (and thus annoy users) and even major ones are often only found out about afterwards due to the way blogs work and it is not feasible for staff to issue a site notice for all of them, can i propose a new section is added to the Community central area.

A Wikia Staff only page is added and the updates are listed (latest at the top style) with a brief description of the update & perhaps a link to more info / a blog page on it (in the case of major changes). Then admins from wikis who are interested in what is happening can have the page (updates list) on their watch list & changes will show up as i think (i may be wrong) that the interested users (mainly admins) tend to visit and often just check their watch list and some times the forum, but do not read every thing each time, so some items go unnoticed. This list would then give a date ordered list of the changes to the wikia system that effect users / individual wiki site admins.

Staff would only have to add a brief description entry into a table, with a date and an links to more info (if available). Perhaps a forum style page could be linked from each one for comments/discusion via a create button, so first person with a comment to make starts a linked discussion sub page. These could then be added to the forum list, in a 'Wikia Updates discusions' section.

As forum posts are 'watchable' and link better than the blog comments IMO. Or have i missed a way of knowing a new staff blog has been made/updated or comments added without specifically checking all blog posts & comments.

IIRC we had two sections to the forum before the new 'community central was rolled out.

Do Users think the idea has some merit or can you suggest an alternative way of updating the community better ? Add comments please - BulldozerD11 14:10, April 30, 2010 (UTC)