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  • I live in Ebola. I infect it with Bunny.
  • My occupation is Saying "Hell" to My Catholic Friend.
  • I am a Bunny
  • Bunny1002

    Today I will be presenting to you my wiki, The Consfia Wiki. It is a collaborative writing project set on an artifical island built for housing and healing broken realities that are caught by a large machine. You can find the wiki here:

    The reason I decided to do this was because of the SCP Foundation. After it was clear they didn't want me there, I wondered if I could make something like it. My idea evovled over time and I evantually came up with Consfia.

    I would recommend joining if you like writing projects where you are making something new and original, and not in someone else's book/show. I've put in articles about important lore and other things on the wiki already, so you don't have to worry…

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