Today I will be presenting to you my wiki, The Consfia Wiki. It is a collaborative writing project set on an artifical island built for housing and healing broken realities that are caught by a large machine. You can find the wiki here:

The reason I decided to do this was because of the SCP Foundation. After it was clear they didn't want me there, I wondered if I could make something like it. My idea evovled over time and I evantually came up with Consfia.

I would recommend joining if you like writing projects where you are making something new and original, and not in someone else's book/show. I've put in articles about important lore and other things on the wiki already, so you don't have to worry about writing the first article. We have 16 24 articles and counting now. In the future, I want this wiki to be an awesome place filled with stories and creatures and realities of all sorts. I would like a place with tons of active writers working hard to make new content for the world to enjoy.

YOU could help today by going to my wiki and writing your amazing ideas. If you stay active, when the wiki is big you could say you were one of the first.