• Burnit!

    Hi all, if you're a fan of Thomas and keep looking the Community wikia. I suggest you to read this.

    First of all, I'm not forcing anyone to avoid the wikia, since in my opinion it's one of the best wikis on the Wikia network, but it's their users and staffs which cause the Thomas Wikia a bad place.

    Recently, one of the admins, managed to create a poll which hires a staff member to watch newcomers' (newbies as they say) IP's. (the computer code which shows the user location).

    First off, if you goes on the Thomas Wikia Chat with zero edits they often harrass you, and if you don't get into the right way to stand the situation, you may get infinitely banned from there.

    • Checking people's IPs is a Wikia Staff's job. and the Thomas Wikia is trying to…
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