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Butter101 August 17, 2015 User blog:Butter101

so today I was shopping at LL Beans and an astronaunt landed on the top of my gorgeous hairdo. The astronaut named ricardo apoligized but it wasn't enough. I screeched at him and stomped my foot so hard that it made a hole in the ground. Suddenly I lost my blence and fell into the hole into the deepest darkest part of LL Beans. Ricardo fell down below me and I landed on his head, screaming "REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ricardo found this fair although I snaped his neck and he died 10 minutes after that. Now I was all alone, stranded in the depths of LL Beans. Then suddenly Ricado became reanimated ; he said that this happen because he is half cat so he has 9 lives. My eyes got HUGE WITH DISGUST so I reached into a pile of Bean Boots and started throwing them at him as fast as possible. I did this so he wouldent give me cat disease because he is half cat but latter I realized how foolish I was. It was too late; cat disease occurs after ten seconds of being near a cat. so now I had become a werecat; when I see moon light I become a GIANT CAT! I had to do something about this, and I new exactly what to do: go to a French restaurant and eat croissants, a cat's least favorite bread product. I first had to find my way out of LL Beans. I grabbed Ricardo and put him across the huge ditch next to me and walked across him like a bridge. When he got up from his birdge position I said," Thank you, thank you so much."

He retaliated by whispering," there is nothing in the world I woulnt do for you." When I heard this I threw another bean boot at him in digust. After 10 minutes of walking with him in LL Beans I decided that he was not that bad, I actually started to like his company. Finally, I reached a French restaurant in the LL Bean staff room. How convenient.  RIght before I was about to take a bite of the cresount I looked in to ricardo's eyes; I relized that I loved him so I threw down the creount and kissed him with all the passion I had. I then realized what was happening and threw another Bean Boot at him because EW RICARDO IS SO ANNOYING.  Ricardo looked at me surprized and said," I cant keep up with you first you dont want me then you want me and now you hate me, I love you though ever since I landed on you I loved you but this is to complicated, I'll always truely love you but right now I must go for your own good.

" My eyes began to fill with tears and Bean Boot dust. "Fine Ricardo. Go live a life full of Bean Boots and cat diseases." My emotions were mutteled I wanted him but he was half cat and thats gross so as he waked away i stood there crying, my tears falling on a dirty cresount. I slowly ate the dust-covered croissant and felt the cat disease melt away, along with all of my good times with Ricardo. I walked home leaving a trail of tears through the streets of freeport. There were so many tears that suddenly, I felt water in my socks. The streets were flooding with my eye juice.sudenly  ricardo's figure loomed into veiw. I turned and ran for many miles. It took me five months to finally reach the Sahara desert because that is were ricardo was. When I arived and saw him face to face I said to him,"Im sorry ricardo I love yoiu so much and because of this, Will you marry me." Ricardo ripped a cactus out of the ground and threw it on top of me. "PERHAPS" he yelled before wrapping himself in a robe and vanishing. He then appered behindme and said," Im sorry that was my evil twin picardo and of course I will marry you." I started to cry and said "That was so uncalled for. Boy you gotta get this Picardo kid under CONTROL." Then I slapped him with the force of a tornado. "He is under controll when he disapears like he just did that means he is taking a vacation on mars and wont he back untill anoter millenia from now." I became furious and yelled "WHAT A LAME EXCUSE." My heart started to beat really fast and then I didn't feel so good. Then I passed out, falling onto a poisonous cactus. So I went to the hospitl but it was too late so I died and left ricardo all alone.


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