cHaPtEr 1:  (Please excuse some thing btw this is my first creepypasta)

The beginning

AJHQ had recently realeased a new update all the members and nonmembers were very excited, but, everything was members only poor non-members going through the pages but only one thing they found: Non-members now don't exist! become a member or be ignored forever in the dark! All is now members only even lands! Many non-members were shattered into pieces, becuase of this they decided to not entirely quit, but, hack into AJHQ's computer. They used a code to hack into the system and saw animal jam updates how they should be.. They saw only members on every land and everything being members only, all the non-members created a group for animals called PoIsOn in the group there were many poisonous animals such as KiLlEr SnAkE and KiLiNg SpIdEr when they realesed this into the game many members were shocked and had quit animal jam not only that they realesed the PHANTOM SOUL later only 4 jammers were playing animal jam and AJHQ tried to get on their computer but they couldn't. Later there was no one playing AJ. When AJHQ finally got onto their computer the message said: "ReVeNgE iS tHe RiGhT oPtIoN yOu CrUeL pEoPlE,, and then many parts of member animals were on the screen their hearts,bones,flesh,fur,brains and bodies. Later it was found out that animal jam didn't exist anymore and no one remembered exept non-members.....