hey everybody my name is callybae am writing this post just for you because some of you pretend to be things that they are not you know us humans we have two things talent(s) and knowledge talent is something that you are able to do everyone has talent talent isn't only singing and dancing but also anything that  you can do which is unique is considered as a talent even talking is a talent not everybody can talk in an excessive way but something can only as a talent if its legal and good you know if don't use your talent one day GOD might punish you like on your last on earth  he might tell i gave you ability to do something but you didn't do it for your own and everybody, alsoGOD gave you a talent so use when you don't use you will be like insulting him in a way which ain't good for example; you are able to sing and compose songs that can also help you in your acdemics and maybe if you are a doctor you can compose a song on the steps of performing a surgery and in academics maybe you have trouble in respiration system then compose a song about respiration system and knowledge is all about using your brain to do something which must be done ina creative way so you have to use your talent that you have and don't be shy to use it,this things depend oneach other 

just for advice just be you use your talent well or  if you can't see it well try finding it GOD CREATED YOU TO BE YOU so use  your talent well.

thank you for reading this