Candadian Angel~

aka Sαbrinα Hαnαyume ♪

  • I live in ... Cαndαdiα, my Fαiry Lαnd~!
  • I was born on May 17
  • My occupation is ... α Cαπdαdiαπ Priπcess~ ♡
  • I am α Cαndαdiαn Angel απd α LINE Plαy-er ♪
  • Candadian Angel~

    Hello. I'm the Candadian Princess, Sabrina (you must know me already though). I am asking for your help for Candadia Wikia, because it just have 21 pages.

    • Fix typos.
    • Add more photos (Hmm, I think those characters should wear fairy clothes, green coloured clothes and some padlock-themed clothes, that would be nice!)
    • Promote the Candadia Wikia.

    Please promote! I will make a Digital Drawing Contest soon. Have fun~!

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  • Candadian Angel~

    I am an angel, from Candadia. I'm lonely and I just live with some magical animals. I need friends, and fun, and I would ask this to you...

    You're the same with me. I just need some fun around here. And, I've just read everything in this wiki, it's... Duh, boring. I've just wanted a rainbow festival with fairies and rainbows... but that will never exist here. No pages like that exists?! WTF!!

    I have an idea. How if we make our very own festival with rainbows, fairies and of course, fun! Let's start it together! I want to gather peoples to play together, and of course peoples who care a lot about our festival and someone who loves to imagine. I am just really sure about this, I've planned for this festival in years. Now, I am just finding for…

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  • Candadian Angel~

    You might try to find a REAL fairyland, right? You can't find it anywhere on Earth, because it's FAAARRR AWAYYY in the Candadia planet, in the Susikandado galaxy. And, here, my name is Sabrina Hanayume. I live in Ramiriaze City, Candadia, exactly in the castle. I'm the princess!

    Yeah..., ordinary fairy thing. We had the almost same things as humans, but we do it with magic. Just like cleaning laundries with magic! Just say "Candada, candado, miracle clean!" and there we have it, a clean laundry.

    And you might ask.... Am I having a job? Yeah... I rule Candadia. You might ask, am I the guardian fairy or yeah, a toilet cleaner fairy or a poop eater? Nope. NOPE. I am the "Guardian Fairy" of the....

    You just think, "Ahh this f**kin' girl just want…

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