I am an angel, from Candadia. I'm lonely and I just live with some magical animals. I need friends, and fun, and I would ask this to you...

Need fun?

You're the same with me. I just need some fun around here. And, I've just read everything in this wiki, it's... Duh, boring. I've just wanted a rainbow festival with fairies and rainbows... but that will never exist here. No pages like that exists?! WTF!!

I have an idea. How if we make our very own festival with rainbows, fairies and of course, fun! Let's start it together! I want to gather peoples to play together, and of course peoples who care a lot about our festival and someone who loves to imagine. I am just really sure about this, I've planned for this festival in years. Now, I am just finding for new peoples to join me building the festival, and of course building friendship there.

Let's Go!

I've founded a place that was great to build the festival. I've prepared a few things there. Ooh, and of course you need to build some statues and doll plushies there for gifts! I'll tell you their infos first.

The statues and dolls' infos are:

You should upload their photos and soon I'll turn their photos into statues and dolls.


A festival always come up with games. We will make some games soon if you follow this festival. It is always a fun game, such as an Idol Contest, an Avatar Fashion Show, and others. The games are located in the Fun Park. We'll only build the festival if you join! Good luck!