You know what I'm saying? Have you ever dreamed of Lord? Yes, I've dreamed. Lord gives us warnings through our dreams. Dreaming helps you to talk with god. He is listening to you. See, you're not on a journey to the god you're on a journey with god. He is with you every where but you're like busy and busy and busy dealing with stress and doubts That's why you can't hear the god. He uses the way of dreams to talk with you. If you have ever dreamed of something strange or weird just open your google site and start searching about it. There are lot of dream interpretation sites. Trust me! Dreams are the way of talking to god. Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming? No? Why? Go and search!

You're now an adult and you had to discover something you want a wonderful life. Everyone wants but wait! How? You have no idea but if you are with god he'll help you for sure. I'm giving you 100% guarantee.