Why do we dream and realize that It won't come true. See Every dream can come true. The Basic Problem with us is that we only dream and dream and dream and never think to make it come true. Is it possible? Yes, Everything is possible. It is in your point of view. I believe that everyone has a wish or dream and they want it. Badly. They just dream and dream and never think of making it come true. So your question is How to make your dreams come true. I will tell you later but first understand what dream means.

See, We are living in the world of doubts, fear, stress and lack of faith. Yes! Doubts. The most dangerous thing that can destroy your inner world and also affect your outer world. Fear will kill you, Your entire body will be killed by yourself and your fear. Stress will make you inhuman. The most basic problem with us is that we dream a lot and forget it as soon as possible. Now see you're in the world of different people and different problems. You have a bundle of problems. Faith. Now what is faith? 

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." (Hebrews 11:1)

Faith is like a hope for things. Let's say dreams. We lose our faith about the most desirable things like God, Our Desires, Our Parents and Our Family. The God is the most important thing to us. See you are not alone in this world who is dreaming a lot, All are dreaming even I'm dreaming. So, Your question is how faith helps me to make my desires or dreams come true?

Yes! I tell you. For one minute just feel that your desires are the most important thing to you, You want it badly! So badly! Now there are some great people who just dream and 2-3 days later they forget it. Awesome. Now after feeling that your dreams are the most important thing to you you'll realize that how daring you want it.

Instead of dreaming, Go and take actions about your dreams. Believe in yourself and have faith in the god because he is the greatest. He will help you if you ask him and believe and you will receive. Have faith in the god. 

My Basic Point is Faith and Focus.

So, How do I develop a strong faith in the god?

So your answer is in your question just remove the question mark and 'How do' and make a commitment that you have developed faith in the god. Just ask it! You will be given. Please trust me. Faith comes from reading the words of god in the bible. This is the key! Don't allow your doubts to kill or murder you. Having doubts about the god will give you nothing! NOTHING! Believe in him that there is some power that is within you and around you. If you close your eyes and talk to that power you can feel that power. Read the words of God, Pray and Obey the lord. 

Another Question, Why I have doubts?

Doubts! S#!t the most fucking thing in the world! I hate them! They are like sweet poison to your mind. Let me say that you have doubts about yourself that you look disgusting or ugly or you are not good enough to fight with the world. Where are these doubts come from? The simple answer to this is your personality, your surroundings and your mind. See doubts are nothing but a bunch of negative thought about yourself that I can't have faith in god. I'll give you some exercises to remove these doubts. Just sit for two minutes and say some positive things about yourself. Like "I'm fearless" or "I'm happy." It will help you overcome your doubts. Kill your doubts.

FOCUS: You have to focus and always have to remember your dreams. Please don't forget it if you want it badly. See every dream can come true. Everything is possible. Impossible itself says "I'm Possible". So don't be afraid of your fear and stress. Start working today on god and yourself. I will help you.

If you have any doubts, Ask me. I will help you for sure!