Bright fire official
Brightfire (korouzt'r) is my own character that comes out in the episode "the neurotic" in which the titans along with blackfire travel to the planet of bright fire "dungen gunden" that they are going to fight to the alien destroyer that is able to destroy Whole planets (also a character that I invented) in this episode brightfire does not fight thieves, villains and criminals instead of fighting them sends the guards, she does not fight with the villains because she still does not know how to use her powers, starfire and blackfire Help Brightfire to know how to use their powers to fight the destroyer (not the full potential) titans, blackfire and brightfire Defeated the destroyer.brightfire explains to the titans and blackfire because she does not know how to use her powers, why she had passed More than five years limited to using her powers, putting her in a prison, chained to arms with hands and eyes set in metal harder than diamond, then she had to flee to a Unknown planet in which she made buildings with which they maintained the planet without wars and deaths, taught the natives the Tamaran language but modified, the vocabulary I call dungengundeniano, the planet called dungen gunden which ruled without sleeping, eating or Rest to wait for the arrival of starfire and blackfire, the titans understood and finally they left.

Real name:korouzt'r Friends:starfire,blackfire,wildfire,hellfire,beast boy Allies:robin,cyborg,raven,terra(sometimes) Enemies:alien destroyer,h.i.v.e,brotherblood Allies Planet:dungen gunden,earth,tamaran Favorite things:pizza,diamonds,water,mountains Languages:tamaranean,dungengundenian,English (some words),Spanish (some words) Apparition:only in the neurotic