Hi there! I've decided to occasionally post coding tips & tricks for Wikia users. Why? I dunno. But somebody can put them to good use, even if I can't. So here goes nothing.

Oasis Workarounds

One of the most hated things about Oasis is the 660px width. It kills tables, among other problems that keep it from working correctly. Luckily, there are two workarounds to avoid this, plus another that is probably a Terms of Service violation, unfortunately:

The first is to simply add style="width:980px;" to tables, divs, and the like, that are cut off by Oasis. You can see the effect at FFWiki's tables].

Another workaround is to include a link to http://<yourwikiurl> at the top of a page, perhaps in a template.

Lastly, include the following code in a wikia.css file. This is almost certainly a terms of service violation, but not being a lawyer, I'm too lazy to check. I still don't use it anyways, although I imagine sticking it into your own CSS files isn't illegal. Adding it to MediaWiki:Wikia.css probably is though.

.wikiaRail {display:none;}
.wikiaMainContent {width:990px;}

WikiBreak enforcing

If you every find yourself addicted to Wikia, or you just need to take a break and want to make it clear to RC patrollers you aren't coming back for a while, add this CSS code to your wikia.css or monobook.css, whichever skin you are using (NOTE: DO NOT ADD TO BOTH! SRSLY! ONLY YOU AND ADMINS CAN EDIT THESE FILES!)

body {display:none;}

Then go to http://<yourwikiurl><or monobook.css, whichever you AREN'T using>&action=edit, and crop out that line when you're done. Simple as pie!

Cat 00:53, February 24, 2012 (UTC)