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Ceutrium February 25, 2012 User blog:Ceutrium

Hello, Wikians! I am a new user, as per my edits, and have LOTS of experience with Wikia. I have owned several, yet, all ended. I thought to join Community Central to learn even MORE about Wiki, so if anyone does not mind, maybe if I am inactive, send me updated about Wikia via Message Wall? I really hope to meet lots of new people! Maybe someday I will become an Admin or even Staff! Ever since I first joined ANY Wiki, was in April, 2011. Since then, I have always dreamt about becoming Staff, stopping vandals, spamming, rude language, all that. I really do not know what I would edit now, cause like is like Headquarters for Wikia, I am afraid to touch anything! Maybe tell me some things I could edit? I have a great personality, unless you offend me. Lol! I am really fun to be around. I play lots of video games, computer games, all that. I usually spend my time on Pirates of the Caribbean Online, an online multiplayer game about Pirates. Lots of roleplay, like England and Spain. I also like Wizard101, a unique game about Wizards trying to save the world through realms. I like alot of metal rock music, and alot of funk. I might add more later in another paragraph. Let me just see how THIS one goes. :) -Your new Wikian, Ceutrium

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