What tale will you tell?


Telltale not only has these types of games, but they have more than hundreds of choice-type games.

Hello! Today I would like to share a new project about a wiki based on Telltale Games, a game company who makes point and click games.

Why Are You Telling Me This?

I'm here so I can help attract contributors to this wiki so it can be improved. We need to fix a lot of stubs, complete a lot of articles, and I need some help making the Front Page looking great, though it might still look cool, it still needs improvement, such as the Mobile Front Page. We need to get a lot of articles and pages fixed and created so that we'll be able to request a spotlight for the wiki.

Here's the list of all reasons:

  • To fix stubs.
  • Make better templates.
  • To have enough moderators to help contributing.
  • So we can reach 200 pages.

Are You Looking For New Moderators, Or NOT?

Sadly, no. You need to follow criteria in order to become one, and oh, that reminds me, I haven't made all of the policy pages. Need help on that too.

How Do I Join?

Here is a link: