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  • My occupation is Former Librarian, Framer and Loan Coordinator in Art Gallery + College Student
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  • ChartreuseNarwhal

    To whom it may concern: 

    Hello. I am ChartreuseNarwhal of the Survival Craft wiki, and I have a major complaint about the new navigation.

    My fellow admin, Stanimus , is now unable to log in. When the first navigation "improvements" arrived, he was unable to view his notifications. But now he can't even log in!!

    And it's not like we are not trying! He cannot log in on his PC OR Tablet. He has tried 3 different browsers with no luck. 

    Stanimus is one of the most important users on our Wiki. Before he came, I was the only admin, and he REALLY helped to turn our sorry site into a great game reference. 

    Were these changes really necessary? And does ANYBODY have a solution?? If so, please leave me a message on my wall.

    Thank you so much,


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