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    FAQ - megilot

    June 15, 2016 by Chelsies

    How old are Brendan and Ally? 18 Does Brendan have any hobbies? Soccer, Japanese club, taekwando What does Brendan do with his free time when he's not in H He plays soccer or is really involved in being a student Does Brendan have any siblings? Yeah he has an older sister named Courtney Cohert and she has broen caramel hair and eyes. She is 2 years older. He has a half-sister who is in Germany named Serenity but they call her Serena. She is half Japanese and half French What is Brendan's ethnicity Brendan is Japanese on one side and Dutch Scottish. German on his mom's side. How long Have Brendan And ally dated for? 6 months officially. How did ally and Brendan meet? They met in school and later got closer during the mission What does B…

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