How old are Brendan and Ally? 18 Does Brendan have any hobbies? Soccer, Japanese club, taekwando What does Brendan do with his free time when he's not in H He plays soccer or is really involved in being a student Does Brendan have any siblings? Yeah he has an older sister named Courtney Cohert and she has broen caramel hair and eyes. She is 2 years older. He has a half-sister who is in Germany named Serenity but they call her Serena. She is half Japanese and half French What is Brendan's ethnicity Brendan is Japanese on one side and Dutch Scottish. German on his mom's side. How long Have Brendan And ally dated for? 6 months officially. How did ally and Brendan meet? They met in school and later got closer during the mission What does Brendan want to do post graduation? He isn't sure with his current condition with ally and Megilot. He wants to go to school to live his dream of being a normal person. He wants to study Math and physics engineering What is Brendan's fave Japanese food He likes authentic Japanese What ethnicity is ally? Ally is Japanese and German or Scottish. Her dad is white What is ally's legal name? Allison Flavia Nicole Winsdor Is ally adopted? No, but her real parents are not the people she stays with Who is ally's first kiss? Ally on August 27, 2022 kissed Maxwell that was required for CPR.... On Aufust 38, 2025 she kissed teenage son of miner stronger, Brendan strongwell on a mission in Megilot Who has Brendan dated in the past? He has been linked to Haley, Daniela, and Jamie. Does Brendan keep in touch with his Japanese roots? Yes, he doesn't look like it but his parents try to always encourage him to attend many Japanese festivals and pay homage to relatives Is ally Asian? Yes she is half Filipino Is Brendan popular? He's moderately, very nice to everyone Is Brendan nice? Yeah he definitely doesn't try to be. He's seen struggle so he has perspective. He doesn't overthink it too. What do people think of ally? They think She's quite interesting and hard to read sometimes. She's quite independent and confident How does ally handle being a superhero in disguise that people know of? Ally actually doesn't focus or may much attention to her world life. She just focuses on what she's good at. To be honest, they're just people she kind of tolerates because she is so focused on her relationships and life in Megilot.. Huge stuff there. How does Brendan feel / live out a double life? Brendan actually kind of internally struggles with it more. Only his best friends know. He lives everyday kind of just not letting it hang too much with a burden. He is more focused on relationships- so with his grandpa in Megilot or with his soccer or sister and friends and classmates and campus life he likes Best talents? Ally?ally is a really really good famous hero. Brendan? Brendan is good at soccer and high achieving at architecture. He graduated HS with 4.0 Cindy? Good at piano and singing modeling acting musical theater Kennedy piano math Judo taikwondo also super smart Iris? Really good friend and cute bubbly fashion social skills DANieLLa esque smarts