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  • Choccyqueen

    Meniscus Tears

    December 2, 2017 by Choccyqueen

    I tore my meniscus at the start of this year, 6 days after my birthday.

    I went to hospital about it and my doctor gave me a splint.

    Recently, I tore it again at a taekwondo class

    Then I wore my splint again until it got better.

    My knee gave way last week on Wednesday and it still really hurts.

    I haven't been to the doctors yet but I want to know out of interest, what is the best cure as well as R.I.C.E.

    Thanks for reading, Choccyqueen

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  • Choccyqueen

    I hate my life.

    All i can do is play animal jam and reorginise the summer house.

    It is dumb half term

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