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The Pros And Cons of Fandom

Hello! It is ChristinaGrimmieLove here, and I wanted to state my opinions about Fandom, the new name for Wikia.


Back in September, a staff member announced (through a blog) that our fan site Wikia would become Fandom Powered by Wikia, or just Fandom. People have been super negative about it, but people have also liked it. As I go through my adventures with Fandom, I decided to make a list of pros and cons about the rebranding. 

I also am making this interactive. Yup - I'm asking you to state your pros and cons. If I see them, I will add them into this blog! Seems pretty exciting, no? No?! Okay. I respect your opinion.

This is a work in progress.


  • It does help with communities, wether or not fanon wikis (example: FNAF Fanon Wiki) or the-real-deal wikis (example: Just Dance Wiki)

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