Hi everyone. My name is ChuChu, and I would like to share my new project, Ultimate Battle Realm Wiki. I'm making this so we can have fun with debating about differents stuff like fictions etc.

I started getting interested in debating some years ago, I also like to make pages about Fictional characters like how strong they are.

If you love debating, or are just interested in making a great community about something awesome, please join me. So far I've created  just 26 pages, but I want to make many many more. My goal is to have a pagefor every Fictional character and just having fun with each others, and pages about other things related to Nearly everything I'm not done yet but it will be as soon as possible. I also want to grow an active chat to talk about debating,fictions and other stuff that we find interesting, And if you don't agree with something you can also tell it to me what you don't agree with.  I would love you to add a page about any Fictions, or to help with categories and images. Or you could ask a question on the blog, I'd love to try and find an answer for you. If you have any tips you can also tell me.

I hope you will join me, and together we can make The Ultimate Battle Realm Wiki awesome!