why is everybody questioning the fact about life? is it really hard to understand? is it today or tommorow that i wont see my best friend, why is it so hard to stay in a place and not complain? every day life is different but how? i heard people ask theses questions all the time but is it the fact they have nothing to think about but life or is that have nothing to do? why do people say the most obvious things? " stop harrasing me, stop bugging me" and all you say is "hi". the world has come to a complete stop when one person does something. african americans get killed and people do nothing about it what is this? i dont know if another schooll is going to be shot @ or if my house will go into flames! the anger, the pain, the fustration of moms trying to get their child to act right and the pushing, the yelling and the pats on the back from the dads that try to encourage us! this is where we are supposed to be!