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  • Ciencia Al Poder
    Issue solved. Comments closed

    Hi, people. Today I want to share with you another fix for Monobook, as I stated on the post about updates

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  • Ciencia Al Poder

    Hi. Today I'm writing a blog about the new ad formats that Wikia is implementing on wikis, since as usual Staff doesn't make announcements about such things.

    I randomly switch my firefox to the private browsing, disabling the ad block plus, and browsing my home wiki to see what's going on.

    That's what I found:


    Random words are changed to a clickable green link, that when hovered with the mouse pops an ad, totally unrelated BTW.

    Do you remember Forum:Infolinks?

    Slider ad

    The same ad that is placed in the sidebar, at the top of the recent activity, when you scroll down the page, it randomly appears again over the floating toolbar, sliding up and down sometimes while you scroll. Now …

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  • Ciencia Al Poder

    Hi again,

    This time Wikia is breaking again things in Monobook (or make them look like they're broken)


    They've just "hidden" the reply buttons on article comments, and the edit / delete links on each comment.

    To restore them, add this to the wiki's for fixing them wikia-wide.

    See also User blog:Ciencia Al Poder/How to fix blogs in Monobook if your blogs are still broken in MonoBook.

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  • Ciencia Al Poder

    Resuming the work on trying to restore functionalities in Monobook that Wikia want to leave broken just to sabotage the Monobook skin, as I said in my previous post about fixing blogs, today I'll show you the code needed to fix galleries of type Slideshow.

    If you visit other wikis that don't have this fix apllied, tell them how to fix it, so others could benefit.

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  • Ciencia Al Poder

    Yes, Image Attribution is against the licenses like Creative Commons, that states that the original author should be credited for the work, but the Image Attribution just makes think the reader that the person who uploaded it is the author to be credited.

    But now, Wikia wants to hide even more the license tags located in the image description pages and possibly the original authors of the image if they were included there, or if the image was just reuploaded by users that only want their name to appear there (a increasing common practice I'm seeing since the new skin was set).

    Wikia plan to simply replace the link to the image description page by a link to the full sized image. And this changeset proves that [1].

    The reasons for moving away fro…

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