I will be talking about firestar couple rank. So as you know firestar had 3 she cats likehim they are sandstorm , cinderpaelt and spottedleaf. I really dont like sandstorm even thought thats the one he ends up with we will tail about her first. Sandstrom is bratty mean and rude i hate her so much i wish i can kill her. Sorry for thats but ya she is mean to firestar and the only reason she mated with him is becuz he saved her life. Next is cinderpelt she is loved by every cat and sweet and nice and kind. She is the med cat but she still love firestar but without her telling sandstorm the firester like her they wouldnt be together why cinderpelt why. But  she is a little to young for firestar so they should just be friends. Last is spottedleaf well she is really pertty but thats all she has and being the med cat and all but i mean she didnt even give firstar some room , she always went to his dreams also a little thing about sandstorm when spottedleaf was living she didnt et firestar talk to her rude feaking sandstorm. But on with spottedleaf ya she didnt get know where in life so no body should get firstar. But if i could pick who woud be best is cinderpelt