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  • Cittycat1212

    Easter! Yay!

    April 5, 2015 by Cittycat1212 Easter awesomeness

    Hello everyone, today I already posted a blog right? Well This is not a blog you see... I'm simply wishing you all a great Easter 2015, even if it's not Easter when your reading this. Thanks alot! ;-)

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  • Cittycat1212 Blog entree number 7

    Good afternoon everyone! As you may or may not know, tommorow is Easter! Although I'm not a child anymore, Easter is a fun holiday because I can go to Romona to visit family! So I'm looking forward to doing that tommorow. (That means I might not do a blog entree tommorow so yeah, plus you should be with your family and not on the internet!!!) Anyway, today I visited Great Grandmother which is always exciting. I also went to the park, and had a 3 mile walk with my parents. It was refreshing getting away from homework! Anyway, today's comment question of the day is: If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would it be and why? Make sure to leave ideas for future "Comment question of the day!" Hope you have…

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  • Cittycat1212 Blog entree number 6

    Good afternoon Wikia! As I'm still in school, I thought I would give some ideas for class projects as you can see by the title. Poster, Diorama, Postpoint, Short Film or an Essay. So just incase you need it there you go! So, this is my 7th day on Wikia I guess. (I'm out of topics to write about) OH!!! Easter is 3 days away (I think) so make sure to get your baskets ready for an EGGciting time... no? Fine, I'm done with the stupid puns! D: Anyway, today's comment question of the day is... What sickness have you lied about so you don't have to go to work/school? List it in the comments below! Make sure to add an idea for tommorow's question! Good bye everyone, see you all tommorow!!! :-)

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  • Cittycat1212

    Gmail Sucks?

    April 2, 2015 by Cittycat1212 Blog entree number 5

    Hello! I'm Cittycat1212 and I hope you had a lovely morning. It's 11:31 AM and I'm up and ready to have a good/productive day today! Today I'm going to create another Wikia and write in my story on After that I'm going to play some Town Of Salem then check my Gmail account. Speaking of Gmail, I keep getting mail from Twich and Youtube. I told Gmail to put all of that in spam yet every day I have to spend 10 minuets clicking so I can get rid of all that garbage. Alrighty then! Now it's time for the comment question of the day!!! If you could change something on any website, what website would it be and what would you change? Make sure to leave an idea for the next "Comment question of the…

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  • Cittycat1212

    Grand party!

    April 1, 2015 by Cittycat1212 entree number 4

    Good evening Wikia! Your most likely (I already KNOW that your not) wondering why I didn't write a blog yesterday. Well, I'm planning a party for a friend that moved away. Do you know how hard it is to plan a huge party undectected? Anyway, thanks for reading and see you tommorow! :-)

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