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Ideas for class projects? Blog entree number 6

Good afternoon Wikia! As I'm still in school, I thought I would give some ideas for class projects as you can see by the title. Poster, Diorama, Postpoint, Short Film or an Essay. So just incase you need it there you go! So, this is my 7th day on Wikia I guess. (I'm out of topics to write about) OH!!! Easter is 3 days away (I think) so make sure to get your baskets ready for an EGGciting time... no? Fine, I'm done with the stupid puns! D: Anyway, today's comment question of the day is... What sickness have you lied about so you don't have to go to work/school? List it in the comments below! Make sure to add an idea for tommorow's question! Good bye everyone, see you all tommorow!!! :-)

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