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Hey There All!

Cj and Lottie Creator Here (Jason McNeill),

Doing a quick blog update talking about the new changes to Cj and Lottie 2015. Yeah its gonna be diffrent, but don't worry, its for the better. I don't seem to be intierely thrilled with my work on Cj and Lottie this year so I am making a new diffrence. It will take time but I think yol be satisfied with my finishing piece. It goes along the humor line with comedy and action. Kinda want to make the comedy style like famous Fox programmes, Family Guys and Simpsons but also want to add a more Child-friendly look so it appeals more. That although doesn't mean it has to be just for children, all ages can watch it. Just trying to not make it as wierd as MLP " Bronys " or whatever that is...

So yeah thats about it for this blog update, you can check the website for updates and the forums page on the Cj and Lottie Web. So in the meanwhile, 

See Ya!

From Jay,

Cj and Lottie Web: 

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