Clary Dragneel

aka Unicorn

  • I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is Fangirling
  • I am Female
  • Clary Dragneel

    Writing My Novel

    February 19, 2016 by Clary Dragneel

    I've been working on this novel since November but its quite the learning curve for me. The idea for the Novel I've had- and been attempting to write a novel- for about three years now. I'm actually making progress in the third attempt I've made in completeing this novel and I'm half-way through. There's one problem I've been trying to tackle head-on and its the thing that has been stopping me from finishing this novel. I'm scared about what happens after I'm done. By this I mean that, for about three years, the world I created this novel in and all of its characters have been my world and my characters and its pretty much my personal world that only I know about. What am I going to do when I share this story with people... that means its n…

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