I've been working on this novel since November but its quite the learning curve for me. The idea for the Novel I've had- and been attempting to write a novel- for about three years now. I'm actually making progress in the third attempt I've made in completeing this novel and I'm half-way through. There's one problem I've been trying to tackle head-on and its the thing that has been stopping me from finishing this novel. I'm scared about what happens after I'm done. By this I mean that, for about three years, the world I created this novel in and all of its characters have been my world and my characters and its pretty much my personal world that only I know about. What am I going to do when I share this story with people... that means its not my world anymore. I guess I'll have to let go eventually because I want to be able to move on to other worlds so I'll deal with it when I get there.