Spells in the clash of clans’ game are made in the spell factory. However, some researches on the spells are done in the laboratory to ensure that they are more effective to the players. Every player is under obligation to upgrade their spell factory to increase the production of the spells thus making the army more powerful and unbeatable. In this article, some examples of the amazing spells in clash of clans will be discussed in detail below.

1. The Healing Spell Is One Of The Spells In Clash Of Clans

The player casts a spell upon his or her army in order to form a healing tread. So long as the troops remain in the ring that is protected by the spell will automatically get healed. This in return helps in keeping all the troops in the fight for as long as the spell works. The spell is especially effective in times of aggressive raids. The amazing thing with the spell is that it can heal even the healer.

2. Another example of spell in clash of clans is the Freeze spell

The freeze spell is the most expensive of all the spells used by players in the clash of clans’ game. The spell is only effective in a small radius and the attackers caught in that radius when the spell is applied are disabled for some time. During this period, they “frozen” attackers cannot defend their clans until the spell becomes weak. However, the raiders that are not within the radius of the spell are not affected by the spell and can continue with the defense.

3. Jump spell is another example in this category

This is a powerful spell that the players use to enable their armies jump over the walls of the enemies and attack them before taking their valuable resources such as gold. By jumping over the enemies walls, the troops are able to overcome any obstacles that blocks their path.

4. The other spell in clash of clans is the Rage spell

This is the type of spell that the player casts on the armies to make them stronger, faster and bigger so long as they remain in the ring created by the spell. The speed of the troops is enhanced by this spell and hence can attack the enemies using quick tactics and win the battle. The rage spell aslo enhances the healing power of the healers several times than normal healing.

5. Another major spell in clash of clans is the Lightning spell

This is the deadliest spell that the player casts on his or her enemies to destroy the large troops as well as their buildings. The spell works in seconds to damage the attackers’ villages together with their armies. However, the spell works on a small area at a time.

All the examples of spells used in clash of clans are very effective and if used well, the player always win the battle and keeps his clan safe from attackers.