Hello! If your reading this you are a part of my club or want to join! Ask us questions in the comments i will reply as fast as i can! If you want to be featured in next blog post please put #Featureme and i will add you (If i can.) To the next blog post!


What is this website for?: Its so i can keep everyone in the club updated on what we do in the club also so everyone can comunitate with one another And this is for questions and so people who are home could work on club activities!

Can i get the sign up sheet in class?: NO! it will distract you during class and if you are suppose to be working on your class work knowing you want to sign my sign up sheet will distract you from your work and can result in bad grades!

What is anime?: Japanese Animation!

How much Questions can i ask on this?: As much as you like! But if you spam me with comments/Messages then i might change it to five at a time if it happens again 3 at a time if it keeps happening 2 and under at a time and if you some how spam me so much i will change it to 1 if Some how you manage to do that I will disable comments for weeks so let's hope i don't need to do that! (Please Note: Sorry,If i take to long to reply to your Question i may be busy with school,A new blog post,Or a Question so please Wait i will try to reply as fast as i can!)

What will happen if i Quit?: If you Quit you will have to retake the interview if you quit more then Five Times you will not be aloud back in intill you talk to Me,Vice boss,Or Manager.

What will happen if i get in Drama?: If you get in to Drama with club leader (Me), Vice Leader,Manager,Or Onother member you'll be asked to leave the club for 2 minutes if you keep doing it for Two days you have to leave for Two days if it Happens again you will be asked to leave for two weeks if it keeps happening you'll be asked to leave for 3-6 weeks depending on what happened or what you did If it Keeps happening you will be asked to leave the club.

If you have anything just ask! NOT DURING CLASS! Please ask in comments! Bye Guys have a Great day!