Hello! Come join the buzz at the Hurricane Wikia! Do you like tracking and forecasting hurricanes! Well then this is the right place for you. While Hurricane Wikia does have article pages, our main focus is on the forums, where our users discuss about on-going tropical activity and anything from hurricanes to simple areas of interest and speak out with their own forecasts and thoughts on the latest tropical activity! We have forums on all the world's tropical basins. The Hurricane Wikia forums have been around since spring of 2007 and has not stopped yet! We need all the world's smartest hurricane meteorologists and enthusiasts! However, when you join the wikia, make sure you follow and stay within the forum structure! Our forums have been structured in a unique fashion since 2007 and we would like to keep it that way. For a preview of what's discussed in the forums, you can check the discussion on Tropical Storm Beryl as it made its way towards Florida.

You can also help with our how-to guides and organization topics. CobraStrike (t)(b)(c) 23:00, June 3, 2012 (UTC)