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  • Cobweb

    For the past couple of years on Fantendo, we've had on-and-off encounters with this frustratingly single-minded user under the name 'Degenerator' (alternate accounts include 'Rita Cobweb,' 'Executionist,' 'Degenerator316,' and 'X Rocky'). We initially banned her for boasting about smashing in someone's skull with a crowbar, and she's come back repeatedly, each time threatening to do something terrible to us (including tracking us down and assaulting us). I'm aware that she probably can't do this, and that the best response would be to ignore her, but it's difficult to ignore someone who's so obsessed with us and getting revenge on us that she's been coming back to attack our website for so long.

    Each time she shows up, she makes a sockpuppe…

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  • Cobweb

    We've petitioned you. We've expressed our displeasure on your blogs (and by "we" I mean the vast majority of the community).

    Do you even care what we think, Wikia? Why impose crap like this on a community that doesn't want it, considering that several wikis are already considering moving to avoid your horrible updates?

    You probably just want to be able to force more ads on us. I'm assuming that's the reason.

    You just ignore us. You don't even acknowledge the complaints. You try to pretend that 99% of the comments on your "First Look at the New Wikia" aren't people talking about how awful your skin is. You don't realize that many of your wikis are leaving because they're tired of your crap.

    Hello? Is anyone there?

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