For the past couple of years on Fantendo, we've had on-and-off encounters with this frustratingly single-minded user under the name 'Degenerator' (alternate accounts include 'Rita Cobweb,' 'Executionist,' 'Degenerator316,' and 'X Rocky'). We initially banned her for boasting about smashing in someone's skull with a crowbar, and she's come back repeatedly, each time threatening to do something terrible to us (including tracking us down and assaulting us). I'm aware that she probably can't do this, and that the best response would be to ignore her, but it's difficult to ignore someone who's so obsessed with us and getting revenge on us that she's been coming back to attack our website for so long.

Each time she shows up, she makes a sockpuppet that tries and fails to disguise her real identity as Degenerator; we ban the sockpuppet; she comes back with another account and makes lengthy blog detailing how morally superior she is to us and how she's going to make us suffer; we ban her again; she starts harassing me (or whoever banned her that time) on other wikis; she disappears for a few months; then it all starts over. This is an excerpt from her latest message (left on the talk page of the user SonicWiki):

I've been taking karate classes since I was 8, shi-ka-ru since I was 6 and tae kwon do when I was 10 (I'm 16 now). If I was to attack you, you would wear 32 punches before you even realized you were hit at all. I know, I've been in plenty of fights (and I can take alot of pain as my opponents find out). Also, I'm 5' 10" so I'm not little (for a girl, anyways). Point is, dont think you can kick my ass easily. And, as well, I should tell you that if you read the Wikia Help pages, it'll tell you the reasons for banning me you just named (except sockpuppeting) are INVALID!! And even sockpuppeting isn't worth a ban of "infinity" (what you guys don't know is that infinity can be as long as 2 years or as short as 10 minutes), so it would seem you're also in the wrong. Let's see what a Wikia Staff Member has to say about that. And, you wouldn't know what to do if I attacked you. And, I always get the last laugh. Remember that.

This is getting tiring. What's the best route? Ignore her? Try to reason with her? Report her to the Wikia staff (I did that, but it doesn't seem to have helped, as she can apparently change IPs and keeps coming back)?