Hey guys! 

Guess what, I'm going to be in my school spelling be!! Oh, I am so nervous. I hope I win. At the beginning, my teacher handed out lists for the class spelling bee. I actually knew a lot of the words, bit my grandma helped me practice so I could do well. So we worked really hard, and I ended up tying with another girl for first place! So now, we are going to be in the school spelling bee. 

We had spelling bee meetings every week after school, so we studied all of the words. I have to admit, we had a meeting just before Christmas break, and that was when they handed out the words that they would use in the spelling bee. But with Christmas break, of course, I was pretty lazy, and didn't feel like doing anything. So I procrastinated. 

But we had some more meetings, and I began to feel worried that I might not win. Because last year, I could have won. I had learned every word, and studied until I was really tired. In fact, I studied every single day! So I had all the words pasted to my sparkly brain. Anyway, the day of the spelling bee came, and I was ready. They started with a lot of really easy words, and some kids actually got out due to nerves. But when my turn came, the stupid pronouncer did something that made me SO angry. 

He pronounced the word I had a bit differently, and sort of mumbled it. I couldn't understand it, because I swear that I heard him talking very strangely and pronouncing the word differently. I had to ask him to repeat the word twice! But then I thought he had said another oord, so I spelled the other word right, but sure enough, I got out. Its weird how I spelled the wrong word right. 

Now, I hate the pronouncer, and I'm back to show him that I won't be messed with. My enemy almost won last year, but got out due to nerves. But I have a good chance of beating her. No wait, I have a definite chance of beating her! She dropped out, because she didn't like all the stress and how she had to study so much. 

But yeah! I can't wait! But I am also SO nervous. I studied really hard this evening, and I think that I'm almost ready. I am a pretty good speller, not to brag. In the spelling bee, I can ask these questions to the pronouncer: 

  • May I please have the word in a sentence? 
  • May you please repeat the word? 
  • May I please have the origin? 
  • Is the word pronounced differently? 
  • May I please have the definition? 

I think that I will ask for a sentence in every single word, no matter how well I know it. This time, I am here to win. I want to be completely sure, so I can spell the word right, and win the Spelling Bee! 

The Spelling Bee is this Friday, so wish me luck, please!