• Colgatecity

    I've grown up.

    April 20, 2012 by Colgatecity

    Hello World,

    In July of 2011, I joined this wiki's chat for the first time. Being one month shy of my first complete year on Wikia, I was excited -- quite excited. I was however, immature. I was a consistent spammer, and I found myself acting like a minimod. Quickly getting booted by Charitwo from chat, I found myself getting blocked by Randomtime, which was again my fault. Although I felt I was being abused by Community Central then, looking back I realize that I was acting like an immature fool. I wouldn't obey moderators, and I thought I was awesome while doing so. I have come to the consensus that I was acting like an idiot, and that I deserved to get kickbanned for spamming.

    I however did get unkickbanned in January, and briefly went back to …

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