Hey, world! So, why do best friends turn into couples? It's so unusual to think how they do it and why they do it. Well, thanks to the television, I barely knew some of the events of any episode that occurred a moment about best friends becoming couples. On the show I Didn't Do It, Logan and Jasmine have an unusual relationship. When they fake dated, Jasmine realized that she likes Logan before the big secret came out in the second season and it just happened like that. Like now I realized that the two people do like each other, just as Jasmine had realized she's never liked Logan before and Logan had never liked Jasmine before. Now that's a lot of shipping 'cause I wanted to make it clear Jogan is the real ship and whenever they want to make out or hang out, they're a couple! So many things happened in life and it just gets any creepier. Like I wouldn't have to watch any romantic shows or novels that most people don't like, but people might prefer that over something like comics, anime, adventure, science fiction, and fantasy. But some friends might think as friends to become couples then turned to married couples one day (or month). So when best friends turn into couples make sense to everyone to understand how friendship is love. Although, my best friend doesn't have a best friend who has a crush on her because I didn't think I even saw it. Apparently, some boys might be attracted to her and that's kind of cool.

Don't think that actually happen in real life because maybe it only happened in fictional life and that might be the cause best friends could turn into girlfriend/boyfriend and I wish I could be a shipper of these cute romantic pairings that needed love and care kindness, if even that's so unusual about best friend/couple relationships. No more than one or a few people would only date their best friends and I can find them interesting about how they feel, how they look, and what they do in their experience and they can't deny it. Some friends would like to hear any of the special events of the pairings from Disney Channel, Disney XD, or Nickelodeon and I like to see how they react their feelings about another person who needed to support their minds about dating their friends than unusual people. When they loved their friends, they should marry friends. Like I said, friendship is love.