aka Radogamer

  • I live in Duranged CO
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is Tech Support, Actor, Musician, Webmaster, Internet Radio Owner
  • I am Male
  • Coloradofree

    Inheriting History

    June 25, 2016 by Coloradofree

    Well to start, my adoption went through and I was quite pleased. There was no fanfare or shouts just an active link at the bottom of the page that said Admin.

    As I started poking around and looking for issues to fix I began looking in to previous members and admins. I was shocked to see that the wiki was founded around 2004, and it has been in existence since then. Obviously, the Wiki changed hands from time to time but the one thing that prevailed during all this time was the integrity of the information added and shared by so many Wikians.

    Since I discovered it back in the time of Mandrake distro, Linux has always been a mystery and intriguing OS to me. Of course like so many, I have been using Windows over the years, and my experience wit…

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  • Coloradofree

    After a short time of trying out wiki I have to admit I am somewhat perplexed but intrigued by it's simplicity and complexity wrapped in to one. I'm not a slow learner when it comes to script, and working with scripts such as PHP, although daunting, has never slowed me down.

    One thing I have to admit,wiki is fun! I know in the short time that I have been learning it's use I am enjoying and finding a new way of looking at scripting. This coming from a person who cut their teeth on Terminal Control Language many years ago Guide to The Pick Operating System (TCL).

    With all of that said I recently installed my own wiki page on one of my sites and am using it to become more proficient, as I learn what I can from wikia. I did this so I can become …

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