Becoming an Admin of a Historical Wiki


Well to start, my adoption went through and I was quite pleased. There was no fanfare or shouts just an active link at the bottom of the page that said Admin.

As I started poking around and looking for issues to fix I began looking in to previous members and admins. I was shocked to see that the wiki was founded around 2004, and it has been in existence since then. Obviously, the Wiki changed hands from time to time but the one thing that prevailed during all this time was the integrity of the information added and shared by so many Wikians.

Since I discovered it back in the time of Mandrake distro, Linux has always been a mystery and intriguing OS to me. Of course like so many, I have been using Windows over the years, and my experience with computers goes back to the days there was nothing but a c: on the screen.

Of course Linux Wiki is nothing like other wiki's I'm a member of, with thousands of pages and categories that would make the head spin, but this wiki has something they don't, I could feel it when I began my journey here.

Now to other Wikians who have worked hard at what they are doing, please don't take offence to this, these are ramblings of a person who has come across a jewel in the sand, water in the desert.

It has Heart! Perhaps this is because the history of Linux is a path tread by so many who believed that something could grow that would help people in the dawning age of cyber reality. I'm no technician or brainy guy but I love a good puzzle and I play a mean game when I'm gaming. Linux and it's components are just that, one of the greatest games I've ever played, one of the most intriguing puzzles I've ever tried to solve.

I hope that in the near future others will join this wiki, people who share the love and intrigue of Linux, others who have the knowledge and ability to share it with people in order to bring the game to the forefront, in order to help others solve the puzzle.

With all of that said, I start my journey on a path so many others tread before me, laying the stones that have created this road. I hope I can honor them by laying more stones to lead others further down the road.

If you are wanting to adopt a wiki or are waiting to find out if you have become an admin, just remember it's like a child and being a single parent is a hard job. People of like mind, people that have a love for your subject matter are going to be the root of your tree, if your wiki seems empty and alone that's ok, build it and they will come, nurture it and it will grow!

Coloradofree (talk) 00:02, June 25, 2016 (UTC)