Software Design and Development work. 11/02/2014

Headline text

1. Explain the meaning of intellectual property.

       intellectual property is a legal concept which refers to
       the creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are

2. What is the difference between copyright and patent?

       Copyright is exclusive rights to a particular  
       expression, idea, information or original creation.  A 
       patant protects an invention process, device or method, 
       which is deemed useful and new.

3. Explain the following terminologies:

       o	Software licence: A legal instrument governing 
       the use or redistribution of software. 
       o	Reverse engineering:  reproduction of another
       manufacturers product following detailed examination of 
       its construction or composition.
       o	Derivative works:  In copyright law, a 
       derivative work is an expressive creation that includes 
       major, copyright-protected elements of an original.

4. What are the differences between the following licence types?

       o	Freeware:  software available free of charge
       o	Shareware:  software that is available free of 
       charge and often distributed informally for evaluation 
       after which a fee may be requested for continued use.
       o	Open-source:  Software with the source code 
       available to the consumer.
       o	Public domain:  Software with no ownership 
       (copyright, trademark or patent)

5. Using the Internet, find and download a software licence agreement. Rewrite the licence agreement keeping the same meaning but using a simpler language.

      By moving,loading,running "DOOM 2" on your computer  
      hard drive, ram, or other storage you agree to the terms 
      of this agreement. 
       1.  You own a license for doom2
       2.  You agree that the software will not be shipped 
       transferred or exported into any country in violation 
       of us law.
       3. Modifications to the software will work only with 
       the full version.
       4. You shall not:
       -lease or lend
       -offer the software on a pay per play basis
       -distribute software by any means.
       -commercially exploit the software
       -disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile, modify  
        (except as permitted by section 3.)
        -publicly display
        -prepare or develop derivative works based on the      
        4. You may only make copies of the CD-ROM, onto your 
        computer harddrive, onto your ram and one (1) backup 
        copy on a second hard drive.
        5. No warranties
        6. No warranties, unless there is a defect 90 days from
        date of purchase.

6. Explain in your own words, the meanings of the terms in the software licence agreement you have examined.

        liability: who is at fault