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    What are some new features you're hoping to see from Wikia? There are a couple new things I'd love to see worked on soon.

    • Better search engine - Searches make up a huge portion of a wiki's page views, and a whole bunch of them hit a dead end. Try searching "Fis of guthix" on the RuneScape Wiki. You'll get zero results. Now try searching the same thing on Google, using, and you'll get a correction to go exactly where that keyword should go. I'd like to see:
      • Typo corrections
      • Utilisation of section header names in searches
      • A way to stop showing wiki markup in search results
    If you want to make a change that will help as many people as possible, this is a good place to start. For a more detailed list of problems with the sear…
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    Logging searches

    July 27, 2011 by Cook Me Plox

    This blog post has been removed as Wikia will be working on a more straightforward way to log searches.

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