Hello everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you all had a fabulous week. We certainly had an amazing week here at Wikia HQ in San Francisco! The reason? On Monday, we had a very special visit all the way from Russia - Jormun (aka Sergej) , a Russian volunteer from our International Volunteer Team!

The International Volunteering Team (also known as "the IVT") is a group of super passionate community members from all over the globe who love Wikia and who also love to help and support our communities in their local languages. They are closely connected to the community and regularly report on upcoming products, help in identifying new topics and needs that haven't been addressed yet, and surface new and exciting wikias by creating spotlights, sliders and more. Members of the IVT usually have global powers similar to staff members to help out communities in ways similar to staff.

Jormun has been with Wikia for over two years, and joined the IVT last October, and happens to also be the Admin of the Russian Elder Scrolls wikia. Since he was already in San Francisco anyway, passing through town on a family vacation, he asked if he could stop by the office for a few minutes - and ended up spending the whole day with us. What can we say? When you're part of the Wikia family, we have a hard time saying goodbye. I asked if he wouldn't mind just staying with us for good - but I guess he wanted to enjoy the rest of his vacation in California. Who can blame him? Oh, and be sure to ask Jormun about his first taste of Korean/Mexican fusion cuisine - I think he enjoyed it! And, since he's an Admin on Elder Scrolls, we asked him to sign the Admin Wall. This means that three international Elder Scrolls admins have now signed our Admin Wall. 

Sergej also presented us with some lovely gifts, "from Russia, with love," including a beautiful souvenir plate from St Petersburg, which now sits on my desk, as well as some new ping pong paddles for our game room. 

Below are some pics from Sergej's day in the office with us. Everyone loved getting to spend time with him, and we hope to see him soon again. Safe travels, Sergej!

Jormun and the Community

Jormun and some of our SF Community team members


A gift from Sergej!

Sergej signs the wall

Sergej signs the Admin Wall!


New paddles from Sergej