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  • I live in Minecraftia
  • My occupation is playing Mario Kart, Touhou, and making anime games
  • I am Male
  • CoolGamer23

    Did you upload something to a fanon wiki, but ended up getting it removed due to copyright issues? If you believe a claim of copyright infringement is false or incorrect, you can dispute it through something called a counter-notification. This blog post shows you on how to create a basic counter-notification.

    Before you continue, make sure you understand what Fair Use is. Fair use of copyrighted material is allowed for purposes of teaching, criticism, and news broadcasting. Each region has their own standards for fair use, so read them carefully before continuing.

    If a Wikia user had your content removed, you should do it on their message wall. File the counter-notice with something like this:

    Hi (copyright holder's name),
    This notice is a for…

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  • CoolGamer23

    How to dispute a ban

    November 2, 2016 by CoolGamer23

    Every once in a while on a wiki, a user will face a ban due to inappropriate conduct. If you were banned and you believe it is invalid, you can dispute it. However, I don't guarantee that following this guide will remove your ban - it's up to the admin's decision. As such, admins and bureaucrats very rarely have the decision to remove a ban from an account.

    Make sure you've read that wiki's rules before you choose to dispute. Wikia staff can't remove your ban - you should seek advice from staff before continuing with your dispute. Bans can't be taken seriously and should be disputed if you believe your ban is wrong. Please note that being abusive to the wiki's staff will not reflect well against your dispute and not all users will be grante…

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  • CoolGamer23

    If a user on your wiki was banned and they want their ban appealed, here is a simple ban appeal page for admins.

    All content is from the Dream Logos Wiki.

    Every once in awhile, a user will face a ban. Bans are mainly caused by violating the wiki's rules.

    Moderators and administrators are trained professionals and do not ban accounts for no reason. staff can check the reason why you have been banned and we will know exactly what has happened. As such, we very rarely have any reason to remove a ban from an account.

    You can contact the banning admin on Community Central to appeal a ban that is more than one month in length, and we will review the situation. However this does not guarantee that your ban will be lifted.

    When appealing, you must pre…

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  • CoolGamer23

    Here is a list of admin messages you can use for your wiki. If there is a message that you want on this post, feel free to add it.

    Your edit was marked as vandalism, so it was undone. Spam or vandalism of any kind is prohibited by the wiki's rules. Please read the rules for proper use of . Please edit your avatar from your profile masthead, and contact the banning admin on Community Central to lift the ban.

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  • CoolGamer23

    This blog post will have all of the information for wiki owners to get their new wiki started. Your rules article will have all of the information that your readers should follow:

    On , our goal is to provide as much information to our readers as possible, and we have created a set of rules to help you maintain a fun and happy experience. If you decide not to follow these rules, a ban may be issued.

    1. Do not spam or vandalize the pages. Vandalism includes, but is not limited to content removal/page blanking, offensive information, false information, and gibberish. Spamming is basically typing large amounts of unwanted text/gibberish on pages, message walls, and comments. This can result in server lag, which is more annoying than vandalism. If you…

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