Every once in a while on a wiki, a user will face a ban due to inappropriate conduct. If you were banned and you believe it is invalid, you can dispute it. However, I don't guarantee that following this guide will remove your ban - it's up to the admin's decision. As such, admins and bureaucrats very rarely have the decision to remove a ban from an account.

Step One: Know what you need to do before you dispute

Make sure you've read that wiki's rules before you choose to dispute. Wikia staff can't remove your ban - you should seek advice from staff before continuing with your dispute. Bans can't be taken seriously and should be disputed if you believe your ban is wrong. Please note that being abusive to the wiki's staff will not reflect well against your dispute and not all users will be granted a second chance. Also, we recommend that you wait at least 30 days after you were banned to dispute.

Step Two: Filing the dispute

Once you've read the above guide, you are ready to dispute. You'll find this easier to do on Community Central rather than the wiki itself. However, most wikis don't usually have a dispute form. I do, that's the Drillimation Gaming Wiki Ban Appeal. If possible, you will have to type a freeform dispute instead.

  1. Sign into your Wikia account.
  2. On the banning admin's message wall, use the following text:
    • This message is a formal response to a ban on my account on (Wiki name). I believe the ban is inaccurate and should be removed because:
      • If you did not violate the rules: I did not violate (Wiki name)'s rules in question. Therefore, the ban is fraudulent and the banning admin may be abusing their admin powers.
      • If you did violate the rules but want a second chance: I acknowledge that I did violate (Wiki name)'s rules in question, and might want a second chance on (Wiki name).
    • I consent to the jurisdiction of the federal District Court for the judicial district in which I reside
    • I swear, under penalty of perjury, that I have good faith that I was banned as a result of a mistake or misidentification of me to be banned.

Step Three: After you dispute

After you file your dispute, the banning admin will be notified. Depending on your dispute, one of three things will happen:

  • Do nothing: If your ban is temporary and they agree with your dispute, they can wait for your ban to expire.
  • Release the ban: If they agree with your dispute, they can choose to remove your ban and your editing privileges will be restored.
  • Uphold the ban: If they disagree with your dispute, they can choose to uphold the ban. If you believe they mistakenly upheld your ban, you can appeal their decision.