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    The Underdog Books

    February 1, 2017 by Cosmo12

    Can you use the word 'Underdog' to define a book or a series. I do. Like I said in my page I find myself obsessing over the books that deosn't have any fandoms or social media pages on it. It's... sad. Waisted. If you think of the time, effort, creativity, and love he/she put into that book or series it's like throwing away a report you've been working on for weeks. When books like the Embrace series go unnotice I get this erge to make them noticable. But then I start to think of them as a secret of mine that no one can touch or ever feel the emotions that leak through the words. They're mine. They're my books that sit on a shelf in the back of the library that gets grazed over and over again. But not by me.

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