Do you contribute to more than one wiki? Maybe you'd like an easier way to get to your favourite pages across Wikia? Or maybe you just want your own personalised navigation.

Wikimarks allows you to customise the "On the Wiki" tab of the navigation to anything you want it to. Maybe you want a link to your favourite wiki? Done! What about a link to your wiki's Facebook or Twitter account? Just as easy!

It's a set of links that stay with you wherever you go on Wikia. It can store dozens of pages that you commonly visit as well as any websites you visit as part of your Wikia activities too.


To start, you'll need to make sure JavaScript is enabled. To do this go to your preferences, open the "Under the Hood" tab and scroll to the bottom where you'll find a checkbox labelled "Enable personal JavaScript". Make sure it's checked and we're ready to begin!

Next go to your global.js. This is where your personal JavaScript that runs everywhere on Wikia lives. All you need to do is create the page and add the following:

    type: 'script',
    articles: [

If you've already created the page you can either add that snippet to the end of the page or you can merge it with your existing importArticles statement. If you're unsure how to do that, there's a handy guide over on Dev Wiki to help you out.

Setting up your Wikimarks

Once you've installed the script, you'll need to decide what links you want!

All your Wikimarks live on a page on Dev Wiki. There's a whole bunch of documentation with what you can do here and there's even a page with a starter pack to get you going. Simply copy it over to your page and get rid of anything you don't want or need.

Once you've saved your Wikimarks they should update in the next 5-10 minutes (hopefully less).

If you have any problems or questions post below and I'll try to help the best I can.


I don't know what I'd do without Wikimarks :D
I love it!

Extra links

  • Wikimarks - The home page on Dev Wiki.
  • Talk:Wikimarks - The place to report bugs or request features with Wikimarks.