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  • Crazy Muzzarino

    If a community does not allow any votes to remove bureaucrats (like here on Community Central) and one of them is abusing power, there are many different ways to deal with bad bureaucrats. There's possible good reasons a community has restrictions on voting out bureaucrats such as to prevent hostile removals if things are enforced. it may also be set to protect their privileges from being removed in-case a vandal or someone else deliberately tries to get an admin demoted for a reason whereas having the vote thread canceled and/or completely deleted. When powers get abused, there are different ways to deal with it.

    Notify another active bureaucrat for help and have it notify Wikia about the issue if there's one or more available or an admin …

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  • Crazy Muzzarino

    For those who haven't yet found something familiar, the easter egg through inspect element on a wikia page is a debugger that you won't bring up normally. This is usually used for debugging for bugs and useless junk. Here's a number of steps to pull this easter egg up:

    Use inspect element and look for "

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  • Crazy Muzzarino

    When it comes to banning people, some admin trolls on the communities may hide the block logs, RC entries and the blocklist to ensure no-one else knows what users they're blocking if their making the wikia private by blocking everyone from the wikia or using a very rude reason to ban people. There are ways to reveal what the admin is blocking when there are no viewable block entries and lists around.

    Here are some methods to find out what users the admin is blocking when you don't see any of those:

    If you see that the logs are hidden by the abusive administrator, use these methods below to reveal them.

    Add the ?usesitecss=0 at the end of the url address after Special:Log/block, Special:RecentChanges or Special:Blocklist.

    Install a "CSS Reloade…

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