For those who haven't yet found something familiar, the easter egg through inspect element on a wikia page is a debugger that you won't bring up normally. This is usually used for debugging for bugs and useless junk. Here's a number of steps to pull this easter egg up:

Bringing up the object

Use inspect element and look for "<div style="display: none;">...</div>". If it is visible, change the element style to "display:block;" or uncheck the box next to it and you'll see the secret bar on the bottom of the page with a text box input and an option dropdown panel. It has the following options:

  1. PageLog - Toggle
  2. focus - toggle
  3. idle - toggle
  4. orct - connect
  5. orct - disconnect
  6. ortc - isConnected
  7. zone - next banner
  8. zones - highlight

The first option in this spotted secret pops up a console showing you event messages, visibility and even detail parameters. The console is in a default pale green background coloring on all wikias, to style that, click the element below "ws_inst_trigger" and change the color from "palegreen" to a different color of your choice. On the right, it will show you the activation status whenever you do something like scrolling down.


Everytime you refresh the page or go anywhere with the console showing, it is likely it will load up upon navigation unless you bring up the bar again and click the arrow button next to the PageLog option dropdown. This easter egg may not be usable on all wikias, you will find a wikia that has the invisible element present on page.

Screenshots of Easter Egg


The following elements from the easter egg are editable by CSS:

span#newScriptStatus {

span#version {

* To change color hue, use the filter style rule (example: -webkit-filter: brightness(4) hue-rotate(90deg) saturate(10);)